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I specialize in starting young horses and redirecting horses toward a new career and giving them a good foundation to grow and develop. Many horses come to us without confidence in their fundamentals and in order to progress we find ourselves reverting to the basics. Starting a horse on the right lead prepares both them and their rider for a lifetime of success.


Horsemanship is first and foremost a partnership between horse and rider. Building that partnership starts with forming a bond with each horse and learning about who they are. I take time to learn each horse and owner and what their needs and goals are. Much like people not all horses learn the same, learning what makes a horse tick and being able to work with them on their scale is the first step in building a strong base. 


I will sit down with you and go over your goals for working with your equine partner. We will start with a basic evaluation of your horse's personality, experience, and understanding. From there we will form a reasonable plan for working with your horse and a timeline of activities. With each training program there are milestones that we like to hit, and training is tailored to each horse. Some horses may take longer or shorter times depending on their progress and your goals. 


Please reach out to find more about different training programs and to schedule a sit down where we can discuss the needs of you and your horse. 




  • Training starts with trust, not trauma, it should be a positive experience for each horse and owner.

  • Fundamentals are the building blocks to success, when you are having trouble, return to the basics.

  • Training is about the quality of the time you put into your horse, what is quality time to you?

  • The personal relationship we build with our horses sets us up for the working relationship we have with our horses.

  • Respect works both ways, they may be an animal, but that does not mean treating them with animosity.

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